Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions... answered!

We’ve included a list of common questions below. Simply expand the block to read more. If you get stuck or have an unanswered questions, please contact us.

What is the process of moving into a self storage unit?

  1. Have a look our space estimator page to decide on what size unit you require (or call us on 01952 780 506 if you need help).
  2. Either call us or reserve your unit online.
  3. Check-in online before you arrive at our office – this speeds up the process.
  4. Pack up your items.
  5. Drive them to site and if you need a van we can supply you with one.
  6. Fill up your unit.
  7. Lock your unit (only you hold a key).
  8. Get access to your goods 7 days a week (opening hours apply).

How much does storage cost?

It all depends on how long you are storing and what size room you require. You can get a quote online or speak to a member of our team on 01952 780 506.  All prices given for quotes are for monthly cost including VAT. Storage is charged monthly and in advance.

Is it possible to cancel my reservation?

Contact us on 01952 780 506 before your reservation expiry date, which is displayed on your reservation confirmation email and we will cancel your reservation immediately.

Or, if you just want to change your move in date or room size, just contact us and we can arrange this for you.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Generally we dont take a deposit although a deposit may apply in certain circumstances. The level of deposit will depend on the room size booked. Provided that there is no damage to the room when you leave then the full deposit will be refunded to you.

How much notice do I need to give?

When you no longer require your storage unit we ask that you give us 7 days’ notice. We don’t require any notice when you are moving into a unit but it’s always best to call us first on 01952 780 506 to make sure we have availability.

Does the store have refreshments, vending machines or kitchen facilities?

There is a kitchen at the facility with sink and table. You are welcome to enjoy your refreshments in the kitchen. Please do not eat or drink in the main storage facility.  There are no vending machines or refreshments available.

Does the facility have a toilet?

Yes, there is a single unisex toilet available.

If I am due a refund how will I receive this?

This will depend on how you made previous payments on your account:

  • Payments by standing order / faster payment / BACs will be refunded bank transfer.
  • Payments by Direct Debit will be refunded to the account from which payments have been most recently taken.
  • Payments by credit or debit card will be returned to the same card used for the most recent payment.

For your security and to comply with GDPR we do not retain your card details, so you will need to contact us on 01952 780 506 when closing your account in order for us to issue your refund.

How do I collect packaging materials that I ordered?

Packaging materials are available to order online from our box shop. Your order can be picked up from our office a mile from the facility within normal opening hours.

Does Sutton Maddock Self Storage insure my goods?

We provide you with comprehensive insurance cover straight away. We use a policy that has been specifically designed for self-storage and is highly competitive. The policy covers more perils than a standard household policy and offers additional protection to your valuable items should the worst happen.

Our policy will also provide you with the appropriate cover and dedicated support. Third party policies may not be able to provide this level of service in helping you process any claim. Your policy is valid whilst your goods are stored within your storage unit.

There is no cover provided for the period of loading, unloading and transit.  As the policy we provide is not connected to your household insurance, any claim does not affect your premium, nor will it affect any no claims discount you may have accrued.

Our insurance policy offers you great flexibility. You can take out the insurance cover immediately and can increase it, decrease it or cancel it at any time. You will only pay a price for cover based on the value of goods that you are storing with us.

Our bespoke self storage policy covers actual physical loss of or damage to our customers property caused by: fire, flood, theft by forced entry, malicious damage, explosion, storm, earthquakes and other physical loss or damage while they are in self storage.

The level of insurance that our customers take can vary markedly – it depends on what items are stored. Your items must be insured for their true, total replacement value. You are encouraged to think carefully about the value of your goods as if you fail to declare the full replacement value of your property on the Licence Agreement; then in the event of a claim you will only be entitled to recover from Insurers the proportion of the loss.

We will not allow a customer to store goods that are not insured at all times. For more information on our insurance, please click here.

Can I use cash or cheques?

No, we do not accept cash or cheque payments. Payments can still be made by Credit / Debit Card – in store or online. Or Bank Transfer – details are on your invoice, or Direct Debit.

Please ask a member of staff for a mandate if you do not already have a Direct Debit set up.

How do I pay my bill?

Our management system should take care of this in a seamless way and will debit your account on a monthly basis.  In the event that you have any queries then please contact a member of the team on 01952 780 506.

What are your opening hours?

We are open 7 days a week at the following times:

  • Monday to Friday: 07:00 – 18:00
  • Saturday & Sunday: 07:00 – 15:00

How do I open the automatic barriers at the entrance to the industrial estate?

When you sign up you will be given a welcome pack and this will include a telephone number. If the main barrier to the industrial estate is not open then you should call the gate telephone number and the gate will open automatically. Please note the gate will only open within opening hours and this only applies to the Church Gate (the gate closest to the church).

Is the facility manned all the time?

No. However, our main office is only a mile away (or 500 metres as the crow flies!). If you have any problems please pick up the phone handset by the roller shutter door in the unit, this automatically calls the office, otherwise call 01952 780 506 or 01952 730 251.

Is there anything I can’t store?

You can store most standard things but the following are not permitted:

  • Food or perishable goods.
  • Compressed gasses.
  • Toxic, pollutant or contaminated goods.
  • Firearms, munitions or explosives.
  • Radioactive materials.
  • Chemicals or biological agents.
  • Flammable or hazardous goods.
  • Any item emitting fumes, odour or smell.
  • All living plants or animals.
  • Cash and securities.
  • Fireworks.
  • Illegal goods and stolen goods.
  • Waste, asbestos or potentially dangerous materials.

How secure are my goods?

Security of your goods are our top priority. Our facility has state of the art infrared and night-vision CCTV, which is in operation 24 hours a day. Access is via a secure digital lock which operates the security door(s).

All storage units are secured using new specialised locks, and the customer is the sole key holder.

Our facility has fire and smoke alarm systems throughout.

Can I swap my unit if I need a bigger or smaller one?

Yes, without any penalty. Subject to availability we can move you to a new unit and you can start paying the new rate immediately.

If the unit size you required was unavailable then we could put you on the waiting list and you will be immediately alerted when your chosen unit size become available.